Our Association

EUROMOT is the European Association of Internal Combustion Engine and Alternative Powertrain Manufacturers

Founded in 1991, EUROMOT is the European association of internal combustion engine and alternative powertrain manufacturers.  Representing the key global manufacturers for over 30 years, we provide an unparalleled heritage and hub of expertise for businesses, authorities, regulators, and public stakeholders worldwide.  In partnership with major sector associations and institutions, it is our mission to drive smart regulation and sustainable innovation.

We are the industry’s united voice to drive smart and gold standard global regulations for sustainable mobile machinery, marine and stationary applications to shape the technologies and markets of the future.

With working groups spanning traditional and future power and mobility systems, we facilitate cross-fertilisation of innovation across industries to fuel the energy transition. With a membership encompassing major internal combustion engine and alternative powertrain manufacturers and well-established connections to regulators, EUROMOT is uniquely positioned to decarbonise entire industries from agriculture to construction, marine, industrial applications, heat and electricity. We are aiming to facilitate even more environmentally friendly products, the decarbonization of our sector and its transition to low/zero-carbon emissions and renewable energy.

Headquartered in Brussels with an influential voice in EU regulations and members from the key European internal combustion engine and alternative powertrain market, EUROMOT provides an essential gateway to the Single Market.

EUROMOT is a European interest group, and our profile is registered in the EU Transparency Register under the identification number 6284937371-73. We have been granted consultative status at the United Nations IMO (International Maritime Organization, London) and United Nations ECE (Economic Commission for Europe – Geneva).