Membership Benefits


Because we are the centre of excellence and expertise for the internal combustion engine (ICE) and alternative powertrain industry in all matters related to worldwide product regulation, operating at a pre-competitive level. We promote the central role of the internal combustion engine and alternative powertrains in modern society, reflect the importance of advanced technologies in sustaining economic growth without endangering the global environment, and convey the benefits of ICE and alternative powertrain power to regulators and trade media.

Our uniquely diverse membership and working groups enable traditional and alternative powertrain manufacturers to join forces, pooling resources and experience to create more sustainable current and future technologies. We are helping the alternative powertrain industry learn from over 100 years of ICE innovation in everything from manufacturing methods and business models to sustainability standards and supply chains.

Membership offers direct benefits and provides access to a constantly expanding range of know-how, services, contacts and expert advice.

By supporting EUROMOT as a member and participating in the working group activities, your company will have the opportunity to join in experts’ meetings, during which recommendations on reciprocating internal combustion engine and alternative powertrain technologies that influence worldwide product regulation are discussed. You will help to find consensus positions, and to shape the outcome of the debate among legislators and industry in the process.

Make your company‘s voice heard


Speak with the legislators


Reap the benefits of networked action


Rely on a sound source of information


1. Make your company´s voice heard

The EUROMOT experts’ meetings are open to members only. Through these meetings you will have the opportunity to discuss technological developments and related product regulation issues.

EUROMOT currently offers the following working groups:

In addition, we are currently monitoring various regulatory issues of cross-industry relevance:

  • air quality and climate change programmes
  • eco-design for energy-using products
  • industrial emissions
  • outdoor noise
  • waste
  • standardization
  • materials’ and chemicals’ requirements

2. Speak with the legislators

Our key partners are:

  • the European Commission;
  • the European Parliament;
  • the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) and
  • the United Nations International Maritime Organisation (IMO).
ECEuropean Commission
COUNCILEuropean Council
CCNRCentral Commission for the Navigation on the Rhine
WBG IFCWorld Bank Group - International Finance Corporation
UNECEUN Economic Commission for Europe
UN-IMOUN International Maritime Organization

3. Reap the benefits of networked action

EUROMOT actively pursues a close dialogue with other trade associations from the nonroad, marine and stationary engine industry sectors in engaging with regulators on engine-related issues.

Our key partners in this field are:

  • Engine Manufacturers Associations in China, India, Japan and the United States of America;
  • Equipment Manufacturers Associations in Europe, the Americas, Asia and Oceania;
  • the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

In addition, we closely cooperate with national administrations and agencies in the Member States of the European Union, the Americas, Asia and Oceania.

4. Rely on a sound source of information

EUROMOT member companies directly participate in the information workflow on current and future legal requirements affecting internal combustion engines and alternative powertrains. In addition, they enjoy exclusive access to the EUROMOT Member Zone, where they can find up-to-date information from the technical working groups (positions and working documents), a calendar listing face-to-face as well as web meetings, and a database-supported library of worldwide emissions legislation.

Who qualifies for membership?

All manufacturers associated in EUROMOT would welcome your participation, provided your company meets the requirements for eligibility. EUROMOT membership is open to any company that manufactures internal combustion engines (diesel, petrol or gas) or alternative powertrains for any kind of industrial application, including:

  • power generation, pumps & compressors;
  • rail traction: locomotives & railcars;
  • lawn, garden & recreational equipment;
  • nonroad mobile machinery: agricultural & forestry, material handling & ground support, construction & mining equipment;
  • inland marine & seagoing vessels, workboats & pleasure boats.

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