Air Quality

Our strive for cleaner air

The core of EUROMOT’s work focuses on protecting the environment. We are committed, together with our members, to actively contribute to the further improvement of air quality across Europe and worldwide. With a unique membership spanning traditional and alternative powertrain manufacturers, we are drawing on 30+ years of industry innovation to create the clean mobility and machinery of tomorrow.

EUROMOT members are intensively involved in driving regulations to reduce emissions from NOx, particulates, and other pollutants. We helped inform Stage V regulations which reduced particulate and NOx engine emissions by 95% and made Europe’s mobile machinery the cleanest in the world.

We are now shaping global gold standard regulations that will reduce worldwide air pollution.  EUROMOT is dedicated to work with other stakeholders from industry, regulators and authorities to ensure that Europe remains the global leader in clean air.

Our working groups unite ICE and alternative powertrain manufacturers in pursuit of clean energy sources and alternative powertrains that will dramatically improve urban air quality.