Driving the future of engines and powertrains

For more than 100 years, the internal combustion engine has played a central role in our social and economic development. And for more than 50 years, engineers in our industry and related businesses have developed new technologies that dramatically reduce the environmental impact of using internal combustion engines – while still allowing them to retain their role as society’s most economical and versatile power source. Our working groups are pioneering regulations and innovations in alternative powertrains from hybrid electric to hydrogen fuel cells.


Internal combustion engines and alternative powertrains offer sustainable solutions for a virtually infinite number of propulsion and power needs. Our members provide power solutions – diesel, petrol, gas and alternative powertrains – to enhance their customers’ business in the nonroad mobile machinery, marine propulsion and power generation markets, while also creating better technologies that benefit the customer and environment alike. Our engines and alternative powertrains are sold worldwide and are used in a wide range of climates, from deserts to glaciers.

We have developed the power and propulsion systems used across every industry from transport and agriculture to marine and construction.

We are harnessing deep domain experience in innovation and regulations in engine safety, sustainability, and performance to drive equivalent all-weather, all-terrain performance in future propulsion and power systems.  For example, our knowledge of operating engines under harsh conditions is helping enable battery driven machinery to operate in challenging climates.


More recently, the increasingly densely populated and technologically advanced nature of our society has created new environmental demands. We recognise our responsibility to minimise the effect of our activities on the environment and preserve it for future generations.


Billions of euros have been invested in research and development to continually refine internal combustion engine technologies and alternative powertrains, reduce emissions, improve engine system efficiency and minimise operating costs. Our member companies design and manufacture safe, reliable, high-quality and high-performance products. Modern advanced internal combustion engines and alternative powertrains meet customer requirements and adhere to governmental regulations issued by authorities all over the world.