Marine Engines – Seagoing

Marine and Commercial Vessels

By working with EUROMOT members, you’ll benefit from some of the world’s finest marine experience, dedicated to delivering the best customer service during the entire lifecycle of an engine – from design to build and operation. The broad range of robust and high-speed engines power a magnitude of civil and naval marine applications: 

  • Passenger ships like cruise vessels, ferries or catamarans/trimarans up to more than 30,000kW and with a capacity of more than 1,000 people, 300 cars and trucks, commuting between the shorelines, holiday islands and remote residential areas;
  • Large oceangoing vessels like tankers, container ships or bulk carriers;
  • Commercial vessels like multi-purpose freighters, fishing vessels, barges or workboats such as pusher tugs for performing a highly diverse spectrum of services, ranging from bow and stern maneuvering assistance, ship relocation, icebreaking, and salvage to firefighting. Naval vessels including patrol and landing craft, corvettes and frigates, minesweepers and submarines.