Nonroad Mobile Machinery

The Workhorse of Society

Wherever there is hard work to be done, there is very often an internal combustion engine powering the mechanised part of the task.

The automotive engine has become the most obvious manifestation of Rudolf Diesel’s and Nikolaus Otto’s groundbreaking inventions. While these engines power our personal mobility, few realise that automobiles are merely the most recent extension of the internal combustion engine’s vital role in making many aspects of society function smoothly. Indeed, while many would know that trucks and buses are powered by internal combustion engines, few realise how extensive the market for our engines actually is, encompassing:

Engine design is strongly dictated by the highly specific requirements of its major applications. It is impossible to explain the complexity of modern internal combustion engines in just a few words: more than a century of development, involving enormous research & development capacities worldwide, has since made this technology the undisputed driving force of our daily lives. Any new system would have to match its unrivalled power and efficiency.

Agricultural equipment

Farming doesn’t end when the seed is planted. The engines produced by our member companies power the full line of agricultural equipment throughout the crop lifecycle: from seeders to combine harvesters and tractors. Dynamic farming requires tremendous pulling power to perform specific tasks in the field, whereas narrow and winding roads in vineyards, orchards or olive groves require small and compact machinery. Every customer is unique, which is why we provide engine solutions that are tailored perfectly to each farmer’s needs.

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Forestry equipment

Forests and soil need responsible care. Accordingly, our engines and equipment were designed with the environment in mind.

We tailor engines and machines to perform specific tasks in the forest. Purpose-built machines for challenging on-site conditions, customised engines and versatility pave the way for improved productivity, together with minimal ground disturbance, soil compaction and air pollution.

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Construction equipment

Extraction – construction – handling. Can you imagine a world without roads, bridges or buildings? Machinery powered by internal combustion engines is what builds houses, streets, highways and bridges, both in your neighbourhood and in communities around the globe.


IC engines power the machinery used to dig, excavate, load and haul the heaviest materials.

Heavy & civil construction

IC engine driven nonroad machinery is used to move large volumes of material – even where there are no roads.

Building construction

Jobs on the construction site vary from day to day. From site clearing and preparation, to foundation excavation and backfilling, to trenching, loading, hauling and finishing work – our OEM members deliver.

Block and waste handling

At quarry sites, recycling facilities, scrap piles and demolition sites, EUROMOT members provide a full range of equipment to get the job done.

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Material handling equipment

Moving material means moving production forward: forklifts for hauling loads in industrial plants, high-lift cranes for moving steel at building sites, and crushers for preparing aggregates used in road projects. The engines in machines like these work hard – all day, every day. If they stop, so does the flow of essential material.

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Municipal and airport equipment

Since the industrial revolution, urbanisation has continued at a rapid pace around the globe – starting in the West and now spreading to developing economies throughout the world. Towns and cities have responded by better organising their resources and services to meet the needs of their growing populations. Municipal equipment is used in response to citizens’ needs for cleanliness, emergency support, and many more priorities. In turn, ground support equipment is used at airports and airfields all over the world.

Community services include the maintenance of urban areas (greens and spaces), road and sewer cleaning, leaf collection, waste collection and recycling, winter maintenance and road service, as well as firefighting and emergency services. Special urban areas like airports need special equipment like ground power units for portable airport power, or purpose-built vehicles such as terminal tractors, aircraft load lifters, and service vehicles. Internal combustion engine powered tractors are suited for cargo handling, as well as for aircraft pushback. Hybrid tractors have since proven to be the fastest, most efficient baggage handling system. Powered by an engine for work outdoors, they can switch to quiet, emission-free battery operation during indoor use.

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