EUROMOT Annual Meeting: A Resounding Success

EUROMOT, the European Association of Engine and Alternative Powertrain manufacturers, concluded its Annual Meeting with resounding success. The event on 20/21 June 2023 brought together members and guests from the industry at the brand new STIHL conference center for two days of insightful presentations, panel discussions, product demonstrations, a factory tour, and a relaxing summer evening at a local winery.

The Annual Meeting served as a platform for EUROMOT members to exchange knowledge, discuss industry trends, and showcase their latest advancements in the field of alternative powertrain technologies and alternative fuels. Attendees were treated to a series of engaging presentations by prominent figures, including representatives from the European Commission, who shed light on the regulatory landscape and future developments in the sector.

The event commenced with an array of dynamic presentations, providing attendees with a comprehensive overview of EUROMOT projects and the organization’s commitment to fostering innovation in the industry. Member companies showcased their cutting-edge technologies, demonstrating their dedication to sustainable and efficient powertrain solutions.

One of the highlights of the gathering was a captivating factory tour, offering participants a behind-the-scenes look at the state-of-the-art manufacturing processes at STIHL at which members could try their skills at state-of-the art chainsaws and other innovative products.

The Annual Meeting agenda also included an evening at a local winery, providing an excellent networking opportunity for attendees to strengthen relationships and forge new connections. Against the backdrop of scenic vineyards, guests enjoyed a delightful dinner accompanied by fine wines, fostering a convivial atmosphere that facilitated fruitful conversations and collaborations.

“EUROMOT’s Annual Meeting continues to be an important event for the engine manufacturing industry,” said Dr Peter Scherm, General Manager of EUROMOT. “We are thrilled to have provided a platform for our members and guests to showcase their innovations and discuss the future of alternative powertrain technologies. The success of this meeting serves as an evidence of the collective efforts and dedication of our members.”

EUROMOT remains steadfast in its commitment to driving advancements in powertrain technologies and promoting sustainable solutions. The organization looks forward to building upon the success of this year’s Annual Meeting and continuing its important work in shaping the future of engines and alternative powertrains.

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