On 9 March, the EU Commission published the final report on the EU Taxonomy. EUROMOT supports the concerns expressed by 19 EU industry associations representing some of the most important industry sectors for the EU economy.

Moreover, EUROMOT would like to reiterate the key messages expressed in the September 2019 position paper on Taxonomy:

  • The EU Taxonomy for Sustainable Finance should be based on the performance of the whole integrated power sector rather than of individual plants (power sector Vs individual plants approach);
  • The report is based on assumptions on technologies that are not mature enough, and will probably not be for years to come – most notably, the CCS technology.

EUROMOT will keep raising these concerns towards the EU Commission in the coming months, in the attempt to eventually have a well-balanced and well-functioning Taxonomy.

2020-03-12 10:52:59 (355 KB, pdf)
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